Equipment for packaging and labeling semen doses automatically for studs that require identification of the doses.


  • Bagmatic LC-1000 works with Semenbag and Smallbag ( RTC Control of reprotoxics), selecting the volume required.
  • First automatic equipment in the market that works with disposable filling tubes Hygitube.
  • High performance: 950 pcs/hour


Speed & Accuracy


  • Packaging speed 900-950 pcs/hours.
  • Available as an option, multiple roll-holder for 3-4 rolls and jug-support.
  •  Peristaltic pump for accurately dosing fluid into the blister.




  • Built in stainless steel and anodized aluminum for easy cleaning.
  • Labeler installed on a removable tray inside the equipment to prevent splashing.


Software and conectivity


  • Software with auto-check function for quick diagnosis of alarms.
  • Conectivity. Enter work commands through:
    • Touchscreen.
    • PC connected through Ethernet. Send work orders through Gesipor 3.0.
    • Barcode reading.
  • It can work independently from a PC.




  • Compact design to fit any production centre.
  • Low maintenance mechanics of easy access.
  • Thermal print on paper, ink is not required.
  • Features blister detector.
  • Thanks to manual control, all the blisters in the roll can be used.
  • Spare parts available at an international level (ISO standard).


Optional accessories


  • AUXILIAR CLAMP:  Additional filling system that reduces the capacity of Semenbag to the volume required, auto-adjusting the sealing position.
  • BAGMATIC LABELS, compatible with the thermal printer featured by the equipment.




  • 110/230 V – 50/60 Hz – 200 W
  • Work pressure 6-8 bar
  • Reel containing 1250 bags